Akasia Edar is a premium bumiputera supplier for diaries, notebooks & gifts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We take great pride in our work. We are fanatical about quality and we want that quality to be visible.


Customer Satisfaction

The main goal in our business is to provide great customer satisfaction. We strive to provide good customer service to ensure all your requirements and needs are fulfil because we want to help you impress your customers and clients. No matter what products we are providing, we make sure that our products are personalised and produce tastefully because we understood that a great gift is a gift that is well planned and close to the heart.

Full Customization

Our vision is to provide you with unique and different products that you can impress your clients and customers so we offer you our dedicated team that will help you identify the shapes, functions, materials, processes, colours and the design philosophy that are inherent in your positioning. Bring us your ideas and concepts, we will work with you to develop, expand on your ideas and create a product best suited to your needs and budget through our expertise and many offering of customization for all our products.

Reliable & Quality Products

We work with reliable manufactures to ensure the outcome of our product are at the highest level of quality. We will not compromise with any faulty products and we ensure you get what you want from us which is reliable and quality products.


We understand that sometimes you need your order fast and timeline is always short. We also offer you broad range of ready stock product that still can be customize with your branding and to be ready within a short period of time without jeopardising the quality of the product outcome. Talk to our experience team member and we can work together to get your products out in time.

Fast Sample

We offer fast creation of product sample to help you see the final outcome of your concept and ideas especially when the product is fully customized. We strive to provide product sample within Ten (10) working days.

Competitive Pricing

At Akasia Edar, we always strive to offer you with the most competitive price for all our products and services. We collaborate with big manufactures in China and have our own in-house production locally hence we are able to provide a better pricing for all our products especially customize products.
What We Do

Akasia Edar Sdn Bhd is a premium Bumiputera supplier of custom Printing Products and Corporate Gift based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are specialized in producing custom made PU and leather oriented products like Diary, Notebook, Organizer and Corporate Gift distributer for Commercial and Corporate industries.

We offer a fully dedicated team to help produce end to end and customized items products starting for design, layout, content and finishing of the final products. We cater for all range of clients from Small Medium Enterprise (SME) until large requests for corporate and government agency.

Our team have great experience dealing with wide range of promotional custom gift and corporate gift that will help clients in getting the best values, which is a combination of high quality products and competitive prices to fit your needs.

Through our experience and countless products, we offer you the opportunity to create the brand identity you require and build an optimum branding awareness because we always known brands are the cultural connection between companies and their communities.

We believe Corporate Gift happen to be an integral business tools that can leave a lasting impression on your potential clients and a good gift will help serve as a reminder of your company and company products.

Our goals are to bring professional dedication to each project, and to give personal attention to you and what your needs in developing a long-lasting impression for your brand through our products.

You can take a look at our impressive (but not exhaustive) portfolio on our website. Your corporate gift will be customised to complement your organisation’s corporate identity!

Registered Supplier for
Ministry of Finance Malaysia

010201 Penerbitan & Penyiaran

010601 Penerbitan & Penyiaran
Peralatan Pendidikan & Latihan

020601 Perabot, Peralatan Pejabat, Hiasan Dalaman & Domestik
Bekalan Pejabat & Alat Tulis

020603 Perabot, Peralatan Pejabat Hiasan Dalaman & Domestik
Organizer, Dairi, Kalendar, Buku Alamat, Resit & Memo

030101 Sukan, Rekreasi & Alat Muzik
Pakaian Sukan & Aksesori

030201 Sukan, Rekreasi & Alat Muzik
Cenderamata & Hadiah

030501 Sukan, Rekreasi & Alat Muzik
Peralatan Sukan Padang, Gelanggang, Rekreasi, Taman Permainan, Kecergasan & Sukan Air

210101 Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Peralatan & Kelengkapan Komputer, Perkakasan & Komponen (Computer Software, Operating System, Database, Off The Shelf Packages including Maintenance)

210109 Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Peralatan & Kelengkapan Komputer, Perkakasan & Komponen (Hardware & Software Leasing / Renting)